Last updated: 6 July, 2018 Inspired by: The /now page movement

At the present time I spend 110% of my time with:

  • docker & docker compose & docker stack
  • automation of server provisioning
  • moving current deployments to kubernetes & docker swarm clusters
  • building pipelines in GitLab to automate deployments

No other public projects ongoing, except this blog, but some will come after deep diving the points above. Access to partial apps & very early projects can be given on request, by sending an email to with title “Request GitLab access.”

In real life, if I refuse an invitation or a coffee meeting, don’t take it personally as I refuse about 90% of the invitations and it means that I’m working on the things above. Hint: Chances for a meetup greatly increase if the meeting is about points above. But it’s not a rule and I’d rather discuss new/different/unrelated subjects on first occasion.